I think I take myself too seriously

The Issue

I want to have a #blog. Why? Maybe part of me wants something for the world to remember me by. Maybe I want to prove to everyone else that I do in fact produce stuff of value. Maybe it's because I am vane and love hearing myself talk.

However, if you have looked around my meager blog you will as of now find only one lonely post, and that post is actually an old post I wrote over on Medium. It feels like that one guy in your town who peaked in highschool but still has his highschool footy trophies on display in the living room.

Sooo... What is holding me back? Where's the writing? Why the hell did I pay for this domain to only post one article?!?!

Well, this is me, publicly saying stuff, and part of me feels like the words have to be perfect, to have meaning. You never know when a future (or current) employer is going to find this stuff. I need to look PROFESSIONAL!

Yet, I constantly tell everyone I know that my job, is just that, a job. I don't find my life meaning in my work. I will do it to the best of my abilities, but when I'm laying on my death bed I don't want to hold up the corporate ladder I climbed and have that as my proudest achievement.

I want to make my value in life doing hobbies, experiencing new things, spending time with my family. Seems a bit silly to waste a blog on being PROFESSIONAL when I don't even consider it one of my core values.

So What Now?

I read an article by internetvin? titled I don't like making the best things. In this they talk about how they only wanted to publish the best, so they found they weren't publishing at all. Also, trying to make the best things left the paralyzed and unhappy.

I can totally empathize. In fact, this isn't even the first time I've written about this. I wrote a short post on my old BearBlog account (Medium, BearBlog, yeah I know, I get around) about how I don't want to be the best. I'd link it but one time I got super depressed and deleted a whole lotta my online presence (I'm much better now thank you very much for asking).

So! No more waiting for the best inspiration, the best project, the best whatever. I'm gonna post lots of stuff. Stuff ranging from things that have grabbed my interest to cool things I did that day to everything in between. Who knows what I may feel like sharing with you all out there (you are all out there, right?).

Let's start with three facts: 1. I have a #BorderCollie named #Kenobi 2. It is a terrible idea to make your dog give you a kiss before they're allowed to eat, too much drool 3. Today I reached my highest speed on my #fixie (fixed wheel #bicycle): 39.9km/h! Pretty scary when you're wearing just thongs (flip flops).

tl;dr: Gonna write more.

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